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A 33 year old civil engineer attends the antenatal clinic because her baby is thought to be smaller than expected. She has an ultrasound scan and the estimated fetal weight is 2380g. According to the RCOG guidelines, if this is below the 10th centile, birth would be recommended by 37 weeks. If it is above the 10th centile, pregnancy may progress to 41-42 weeks.

How do we decide?

  • Get a customized growth chart on an A4 paper. X-axis in 1 week intervals, Y-axis in 500g intervals.
  • Get a pen and a ruler
  • Draw a vertical line at x weeks
  • Draw a horizontal line at 2380g (somewhere between 2000 and 2500g)
  • Look closely – is it 9th or 12th centile?
Of course things are much better now we have customised charts, but there has to be a better way. 

The Pregnancy Capl app will automatically generate a customized growth chart, plot fundal height and estimated fetal weight and automatically calculate the centile. The app would do this for singleton, twin and triplet pregnancies.

If like me, you cannot draw two lines that meet at right angles then join us.

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