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Modern maternity care: Tick-box Olympics

How many tick-box forms should you complete per patient in your antenatal clinic?

Unlike the rest of medicine, most pregnant women do not come to the clinician with a presenting complaint. The clinician faces a very different challenge – identify all possible risks / risk factors and develop preventive strategies. So there is a tick-box form for VTE, PET, SGA, GDM, BMI…

Some of us believe we are experienced and smart enough to eye-ball a woman’s records, assess risks and formulate a care plan without a tick-box form. On occasions, a woman returns to my clinic and **** I should have used a tick-box form.

Having to complete multiple tick-box forms (age, BMI, parity… age, BMI, ethnic origin) is bad enough. That these data are collected into computer systems then printed onto paper to be trawled through by hand is hard to understand. Time wasted, costs and risk of error. There has to be a better way.

The pregnancy Capl app will automatically use the data to assess the woman’s risk of VTE, PET, GDM, SGA, PPH, Mental illness and her alcohol use based on UK national guidelines. The platform will then develop a week-by-week care guidance plan based on UK guidelines.

The prospect of using multiple tick-box forms for the rest of our careers drove us to develop the Pregnancy Capl platform. We look forward to the day when we will complete a clinic without them.

If you love tick-box forms as much as we do, join us.

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    Paul Ayuk