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Paper and electronic medical records
NHS Medical Records

The current use of paper and electronic medical records has failed to keep pace with technology and globalization.

  • Critical information held in one hospital cannot readily be accessed if the individual requires urgent medical care elsewhere.
  • Patients do not have ready access to their medical records and cannot routinely assess the treatment they get against the treatment they should get.
  • The same patient can be given different advice / treatment for the same disease depending on the hospital they visit or the clinician they see.
  • Computers are used simply to store and retrieve information. The processing power within computers is vastly under-utilised
Capl® : Interactive, intelligent, patient-owned medical record

Capl® is a mobile health application that allows individuals and professionals syncronous and real-time access to records by utilising the power of Smart Phones. It provides a low cost scalable solution to the challenges posed by current systems. Healthcare is at its best when the patient is at the centre of pathways and processes.

  • Capl® gives the patient primary ownership of medical records with hospital databases acting as back-ups.
  • Capl® integrated intelligent systems identify risks based on the user's medical information and make evidence-based recommendations based on national guidelines.
  • Intelligent algorithms support clinical decision making, reduce variations in care and reduce errors.
  • Patients know the care they should expect based on national guidelines
  • Bespoke high-quality and evidence-based information can be delivered in different languages and different formats (text, audio, video)
  • Costs are low because smart phones and the mobile telecom infrastructure do not have to be re-created
  • Health institutions can only be truly paperless when patients are paperless

Capl® : Beyond electronic records

Capl® algorithms allow patients to be connected seamlessly to clinical decision-making systems 24-7-365 without even visiting a hospital. Integrating this system into current clinical care pathways gives patients the confidence of a ‘human touch’ if needed while freeing clinicians to do what humans do best. This paves the way for the introduction of wearable devices for continuous ambulatory monitoring.

We anticipate the integration of Pregnancy Capl® into clinical care pathways by 2018 and the introduction of wearable devices for continuous ambulatory pregnancy monitoring by 2025. We expect this to cut the number of routine antenatal pregnancy visits from 8-10 per pregnancy to 4-5 while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Capl® : For developing countries

With the expansion of internet access, we expect Capl® to deliver high-quality clinical decision-support and disease monitoring to remote environments where medical expertise is rare but internet access is available.

The Care Plan App Company

The Care Plan App Company was founded in June 2012. The directors of the company are:

Paul Ayuk
BSc (Hons), MB.BS (Hons), MRCOG, PhD
Consultant obstetrician & CEO
Angela Ayuk
Mrs Angela Ayuk
BSc (Midwifery), Midwifery director